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When do my charges begin and end when renting any limousine?

In our immediate service area it begins when the limousine arrives at your location and ends when we drop you off.  If you live outside of our immediate service area some travel time from the limousines point of origin and its return to our facility may apply.  When answering a limousine quote we include any travel time that may be required.

How do I know what size limousine is best for my needs?
Limousine companies sometimes “exaggerate” how many people a limousine can accommodate. The “industry standard” 10 passenger limousine (120? stretch) really only holds 8 passengers in the cabin. The “10” designation includes the driver and front passenger. We have limousines that are stretched 120?, 130?, 140?, 180? and 200? that hold anywhere from 8 to 14. Be sure to communicate with your limousine provider on how many people you need the limousine to comfortably hold. A good rule of them is to subtract two from the maximum capacity. (After all, you need room for a cooler!)
How do I handle the gratuity for the chauffeur?
Standard gratuity is 20% of your trip, about what you would pay at a restaurant. we do not dictate gratuity except in the case of a wedding or prom where there is a required minimum for gratuity. Atlantic Limousine includes the drivers gratuity in all of our reservations as a convenience to our clients but if you would like to tip the driver directly…no problem, just let us know. Our limousine quotes include a min. driver gratuity

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